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Institutional Capital Management


After working a decade in the securities industry, it became clear that brokerage firms and investment advisors were poorly equipped to serve the unique needs of local governments.  More worrisome were the conflicts of interest and cookie-cutter strategies that failed public fiduciaries and their communities.  In 1997 I asked myself for the last time, "Why can't my client's interests come first?"

ICM was founded 27 years ago to transform public funds management.  I created a company designed to minimize conflicts of interest and put concerns of public fiduciaries and their communities ahead of all else.  Our business model is dedicated to the public officials working to optimize financial resources for the benefit of their communities.  Our strategic partnership approach allows us to create client-centered strategies and services that focus on your success.

Our business model continues to evolve, responding to the changing needs of local governments.  In 1997 we pioneered Municipal Cash Flow Analysis, integrating budgets and investment strategy to optimize portfolio interest income and liquidity.  Following the recession of 2001, we added tax base and employment analysis to strengthen our liquidity forecasting capabilities.

Our analytic capabilities paid dividends during and after the Financial Crisis and Great Recession.   Our financial analysis helped clients forecast changes in revenue and expenditures and adjust portfolio strategy to assure safety and liquidity.  We provided clear communication and high-quality education as we helped our clients and their communities understand and cope with those challenging days.

ICM will continue to evolve and provide thoughtful solutions for today's complex financial challenges.


Bob Moore


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