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When strategic planning replaces market speculation, you and your taxpayers win! 

We do the number crunching and analysis.  You increase interest earnings, reduce risk and enjoy timely liquidity.  Don't chase a meaningless bond index with a cookie-cutter strategy.  Measure your success by meeting your financial goals.

Custom Portfolio Design

Bob Moore forms a strategic partnership with each client. Your goals, preferences, and policies are joined with high-quality liquidity forecasting to produce an individualized investment strategy suitable for you and your community.

Communication Breeds Success

We listen!  Your Portfolio Strategy Statement is composed detailing the management styles that address your investment objectives.  Bob Moore builds a Model Portfolio that lets you take a test drive before you invest.  The result is a well-defined custom strategy that keeps you informed and in control.

Crunching the Numbers

Use our time, technology and expertise to achieve great results.  We perform the cash flow and tax base analysis.  You get a portfolio of optimal size and structure that maximizes income and provides timely liquidity, all with greater safety.

Most Efficient Delivery of Highest-Quality Service

We never forget we are a service company.  Time is your most valuable asset - our custom services and investment process will help you make the most of it.  Achieve you success efficiently and cost-effectively.

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